Olivia harrison dating

28 Jul

The couple decided to marry as soon as possible after Harrison's divorce was finished, which was on June 1977.Sometime later, Olivia discovered she was pregnant, so the decision of a wedding was taken.But when you are the son – and, more than that, the spitting image – of somebody as immortal as George Harrison, that isn't always easy. Initially, he spent much of his adulthood trying to create a distinct identity for himself (if you believe Wikipedia, for a time he wanted to become an aerodynamicist), but at 34 years old, he seems now to have settled with his fate: he will for ever be his father's son, and for ever in his shadow."Playing music has always felt very natural," he reasons.

He became close friends with an older classmate, Paul Mc Cartney, who needed a guitar player for a new band.This is a summary of the lucky ladies (or unlucky, depending on how you view it) who called themselves Beatle girlfriends and wives.Cynthia was a year older than John when they met at Liverpool Art College in 1958. She was educated in that same place and later graduated from Hawthorne High School.Shortly after the tour, they moved to Harrison's mansion, Friar Park on Henley-On-Thames, England.