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30 Aug

It is but natural that coffee and spice production are the major economic activities of the region.

Emerald green till where the eye can see, Kodagu (in Kannada) or Coorg, as it is more famously known is a must visit destination in Karnataka, India.

Recently this temple has been renovated and now it is one of the tourist attraction places in Mangalore.

Mangaladevi Temple: This city is called as Mangalore just because of this temple.

It was built in Black Stones by Tippu Sulthan to prevent warships to enter Gurpur river.

It is today a deserted spot but its construction is bafflingly exquisite. Kadri Manjunath Temple: Kadri is another ancient historic spot in Mangalore. The Lokeshwara bronze statue of the Kadri Manjunatha Temple is tipped to be the best bronze statue in India. The walls of the church are covered with the paintings of the artist Antony Moshaini of Italy. The special beauty of the chapel is the wonderful series of paintings that virtually cover every inch of the interior roof and walls executed by Bro.