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27 Sep

Leo, 42, and Orlando, 40, certainly gave 20-somethings a run for their money (in the stamina stakes, we must stress, not style), as they rocked up to the California musical festival at the weekend.

They did their very best to blend in with the Coachella crowd, wearing baggy jeans, trainers and hoodies – as well as carrying the customary drink as they walked through the festival.

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Or Orlando Bloom and Leonardo Di Caprio looking as far away from their movie star images as they possibly could in ensembles more casual than our PJs?

And despite blending into the crowd in their outfits that were so un-celeb, they looked a bit like out of place dads at the festival, they failed to go unnoticed.

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He and his wife live in the Twin Cities with their five children.

Keeping up with the young’uns, the boys did what every other 20-something does and when they returned to where they were staying, gorged on a feast of Doritos, burger buns (presumably there were burgers somewhere) and guacamole, as shown in a sneaky snap that found its way onto Twitter.

Although given that it’s unclear what time this photo of their munching was taken, it could just as easily have been their pre-drinks session before they made their way to Palm Springs for the festival. An eyewitness revealed how the pair ‘chatted a bit but there wasn’t any romantic energy between them’, adding that they appeared to be ‘more like friends’.