Validating competency

17 Jan

Create unique employee ID ranges and run these ranges in separate processes, being mindful of the human resource database's collation sequence (that is, its method of sorting data).The process is designed to run multithreaded, using temporary tables to reduce contention.

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To validate and load staged person competency data, use the Load Person Competency Tables (LM_RUNCTL_OBJV) component.

You must validate and move the data in the staging tables into the Enterprise Learning Management application tables.

Use the Load Person Competency Tables page (LM_RUNCTL_OBJV) to run the LM_PRSCOMP process to perform data validation against staged person competency data, and load person competency data from staging tables to application tables.

This topic provides an overview of staged person competency data, lists a prerequisite, and discusses how to load and validate staged person competency data.

When you run the PERSON_COMPETENCY_FULLSYNC EIP, the systems loads person competency data from the external human resources system into staging tables.