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16 Mar

Although a few people were only able to be here for the beginning of the season, and a couple had to leave in the middle, most folks came out of the field at the beginning of August. Those who were left worked in the lab stabilizing and cleaning some of the artifacts, drawing and scanning artifacts, and entering data recorded after the transit decided to stop working with a week left in the field season.

For as long as there’s been air travel, passengers, flight attendants, and cleaning crews alike have been fascinated by the contents of the seat back pockets.

Sometimes the chip would get them closer to the booby prize.

Sometimes the chip would be a strike and they were one step closer to leaving the show with only whatever shitty thing they had won to get them out of Contestants’ Row and on to the stage.

Almost everyone I talk to has a story of leaving something behind on the plane, usually in the seat back pocket.

I myself left my little Canon digital camera in seat 19C on Jet Star flight 912 from Sydney to Townsville on Saturday February 21, 2004, not that I really remember or am incredibly bitter.

Most members have some relation to aviation and use Crewdating to find others that work in aviation.

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They say they get returned to the rightful owner but I’m really not sure. You can’t just go in with your guns blazing, though, there could be a million things in there and only 5 are good: i Pod, i Pad, camera, PSP, or wallet. Yes they’re still there and yes people still use them often.

The Flight Attendant Interview Every non-airline person has always wanted to know certain things about the flight attendant job and lifestyle. The hotel should have food available 24/7, or at least very near food.

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