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06 May

It is almost a sure bet that one of the first questions you will have for a potential match will be, 'What do you do? I have a habit of downloading Tinder, using it for a day when I'm stuck on Candy Crush and need something to do with my thumbs while I catch up on The Mindy Project, and then, after a couple of gross messages, I feel disillusioned and delete the app.I've never successfully talked to anyone on Tinder outside of trolling them.3) Whenever you smile at me, my heart skips a beat and my eyes start to flutter…

These are the side effects I get when I see you, because looking at a handsome guy like you makes me go whew! I want you to hold me close and hug me tightly, I want you to whisper sweet nothings in my ears softly.

They say there’s no better way to learn a language than sleeping with a dictionary.

Dating will give you a real insider’s view of your travel destination!

With her mother going just before her, this puppy thought about about tackling the stairs herself.

Only it was her first time going down stairs, and she became extremely nervous.