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29 Jan

first tuesday’s Condition of Property – Form 304 is used by the seller and their agent when marketing a one-to-four unit residential property for sale.

FBI Director James Comey has publicly chastised tech companies for installing automatic encryption into their devices and has urged Congress to pass legislation that would prohibit it.

[CC §1102.8] Also, the buyer cannot waive the seller’s delivery of the statutorily-mandated TDS, even when it is not handed to the buyer before entering into a purchase agreement for the property.

Any attempted waiver, such as the use of an “as-is” clause in the purchase agreement or counteroffer, is ” are never to be used in the context of a real estate transaction.

In an age of increased privacy concerns, there is no way that Congress would pass a bill to give the government greater access to electronic communications, said Patrick Eddington, the Cato Institute's policy analyst for homeland security and civil liberties."The mass surveillance that the NSA and FBI have developed didn't stop the underwear bomber, the Boston Marathon bomber or the shootings at Fort Hood," he said.

Eddington and other critics of mass surveillance say law enforcement agencies achieve better results with targeted surveillance of suspected criminals carried out with warrants. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., to prevent the government from forcing tech companies to install backdoors passed the House last year by a vote of 293-123 as part of a spending bill for the Defense Department.