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26 Jun

“Chihuly” will be on display for the whole spring and summer and actually kicks off a season of many special events at that massive garden located in the Bronx, including concerts, nighttime light shows and plenty of children’s events.

Featuring more than 20 exhibits of Chihuly’s works, the collaboration between the New York Botanical Gardens (NYBG), Bank of America and the Chihuly studio covers the arc of the artist’s life, including many current-day pieces as well as some dating from the very beginning of his career. doing_wp_cron=1493923671.6661970615386962890625 This came through Denver at our botanic gardens, I'm not much of an artist and I think most things that are supposed to be spectacular get lost on me...

Check out how much sun your location gets, hot afternoon, early morning and select plants that thrive in those conditions.

Is your garden area close to a water supply or will it get only rainfall as its water source.

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