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13 Nov

Juni - August 2017 Das Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater bietet jedes Jahr ein breites Open-Air-Programm an.

2017 wird neben dem Schmugglerabenteuer "Der Pascher" auf der Waldbühne Jonsdorf, im Zittauer Klosterhof die Kriminalkomödie "Der Pavillon" gezeigt.

The organization is planning a larger survey this fall.

At this point, so many incoming freshmen find matches online that what might be called a “signing season” has developed.

“You can show up on campus already having people on the quad you’re trying to avoid,” Herman said.

Your buddies won’t rob you, obviously, but it’s always a big risk putting such data online.

Jennifer Beals and Michael Irby also star in the premiere. NBCBates Motel Romero (Nestor Carbonell) obsessively schemes to destroy Norman (Freddie Highmore) and avenge Norma (Vera Farmiga) in this new episode of the drama inspired the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho.” 10 p.m. Bush; Oscar fashion Olivia Culpo and Cindi Leive; Chita Rivera.

A&EHumans Athena (Carrie-Anne Moss) arrives in England to begin work at Qualia UK, but her secret purpose is to meet with Hobb (Danny Webb), who is under heavy surveillance and forbidden to discuss his work. Tickled In this new documentary, a New Zealand TV reporter sets out to document an international tickling competition but finds a bizarre and even threatening world created by a bully with deep pockets. HBOCBS This Morning Dan Ackerman, CNET; film critic Erik Davis; Melena Ryzik; Kevin Frazier.

Not every match was made in heaven, but expectations were lower.

Social media changed all that, said Robert Castellucci, president of Room Sync, an app that surveys users about their major, neatness, bedtimes, and likelihood of having visitors.