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09 Jun

But if you want to skip that step and keep your fingers crossed that they won’t sue if they find out, you can just give them an i Phone 5S, Nexus 5 or HTC One with the software pre-loaded. And if nothing else, m Spy doubles as a way of weeding out the psychos.

Before we get to the show, Andrew made a big announcement.

It used to be that if you thought your significant other was cheating on you, you confronted them about it. But now, there’s a way to passive-aggressively monitor their phone activity so that you’ll never even have to have that awkward conversation: surveillance software company m Spy has released a charming new app called m Couple for all your stalking needs.

With m Couple, boyfriends, girlfriends and fuck buddies alike can track each other’s text messages, contacts, call history, GPS locations and Facebook messages. Users can share IDs and start “mutually tracking” each other’s devices.

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