Who is emma stone dating 2016

31 Jul

It’s something that I still don’t feel entirely comfortable with, but it was also one of the great parts about playing her.” On speaking out for equality: “There is so much power to our voices, and we need to speak out.

That’s something that I struggled with in the past, but it’s very hard not to feel galvanized right now, politically or consciously.” On what gives her hope during these uncertain political times: “Nobody is going down without a fight – for love and humanity and equality and coming together.

After her highly-publicized relationship with costar Andrew Garfield, eager fans are wondering who Emma Stone is dating.

If this isn't evidence that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are getting back together, we don't know what is. Update, 4/22: The reported "break" that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were on has become a full breakup, last year and only did it this year–but they're taking a break from seeing each other. This time last year they were privately discussing marriage."Marriage!The yacht they have rented was believed to have cost around 475 thousand euros per week.” Neither have confirmed if they’re together.In fact, when they reportedly split last year, they didn’t deny nor confirm the rumors. it is still unknown whether they broke up and reunited or if they decided to keep their relationship low-key.taught her: “I would say playing Billie Jean was a bit of a game changer.I am very nervous to communicate my opinions a lot of the time, especially publicly…