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18 Sep

It’s a great way of encouraging multiple playthroughs, especially since playing as a female allows you to make Social Links with all of your party members (as opposed to playing as a male which only has Social Links with the female members of the group). I mean, people die and there’s a lot of rather grim imagery, helped by the slightly muted colour scheme and focus on the colour blue, which bizarrely creates feelings of mystery and calmness, as opposed to ’s bright yellow to create an energetic and positive feel.

The change in gender also shows new possibilities for romance, since you can now date the guys, which reveals new depths into their personalities which you don’t get by playing as a male. Oh, and one of the main themes of the game is the idea of death.

Mitsuru greets you on the way to school on June 10th. After school I went to the shrine to put in 1000 Yen like usual then equipped a Hanged Man Persona and went out with Maiko. It was a bit dramatic but Hanged Man Arcana increased to 2.

The fact he'd met with creepy twins and a talking cat didn't help much, either. Airi Fujihara has reset time to discover another way to end the Dark Hour to save herself and the lives lost along the way. She’d been willing to shut her eyes at night and pretending nothing was wrong with him back when her mother and brother were still alive, but not anymore. It’s probably because she’s useful to him: another a shield to protect him from suspicion. It is him, though, and Minako is the only one left alive who knows.

In doing so, Airi learned of the machinations that pulled her and her friends through one turbulent year. Despite the tragedy that befell her 10 years ago, Minato Yuki has gone through life with a smile on her face and a desire to think positive. Awoken at the Dawn of the Dark Hour on a bloody bridge, Minato had always known of the presence of Death tucked up against his soul.

A strange man's offer leads them to the Velvet Apartments and gets them involved with something inhuman.--Yu Narukami was finally ready to move out and be on his own.

Too bad for him Velvet Apartments was filled to the brim with almost too colorful characters.--Akira Kurusu was under probation and Velvet Apartments wasn't where he wanted to have to spend it. It couldn’t be him, not Adachi-san, he’s just so harmless.