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However it isn't the opportunity to get glammed up...Gemma Arterton is all smiles as she rocks a sparkling dress at the grand re-opening of the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square on Monday (July 10) in London, England.The 31-year-old actress announced that Peter Collinson’s 1969 classic has been named the best British film of all time in a study by Vue Entertainment to mark the relaunch of the flagship venue in the heart of Britain’s home of entertainment, London’s West End.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gemma Arterton A survey of 2,000 Brits put in the top spot, which follows a band of thieves as they conspire to steal a shipment of gold amidst a traffic jam in Turin.During its original run, there were a total of 42 Space Ghost episodes and 18 Dino Boy episodes.The series ended in 1968, Twenty-two new Space Ghost segments appeared on Space Stars on NBC in 1981.Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and his friend Peter Wildeblood, then a journalist with the Daily Mail, were arrested after...

Don't add needless gimmicks.2)Lack of the Lisa Simpson/Daria rule.

Frank Lawler, whose father, Peter, was an IRA officer at the time, has since told me that Boushells was singled out because the owner, Ben Boushell, had cleared all the shoes out of his front window except for a black shoe and a tan shoe which he left on display to annoy the Black and Tans, who must have taking the insult as intended and burnt down the shop.

On Thursday, 22 August 2007, Naas Local History Group in conjunction with Lord Edward's Own Re-enactment Group from Monasterevin staged a re-enactment of the burning of Boushell's.

While researching this event for a book titled 'On the One Road.

Political Unrest in Kildare 1913-1994' I was told that the Black and Tans were searching for Jimmy White, a local volunteer, who lived across the road beside Haydes shop and Boushells was burnt down in mistake for Whites.