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08 Jul

It has a 52 calibre barrel with a tied jaw horizontal sliding block breach and ‘pepperpot’ muzzle brake.

The latter is not notably efficient, but subjective reports suggest that it is quite effective in reducing muzzle flash.

The most common failure, this error indicates the Patch Agent encountered a problem executing the script associated with the deployment or the Windows Installer returned a generic 1603 installation failure.

The most common reason for a script failure is the operating system's Windows Script Host scripting components are not registered or malfunctioning.

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pageant I'll be honest and say this show has everything I DESPISE all crammed together! The show Humanizes the people on it so you don't see a "drag queen" you see the contestants.

I watched it by accident one day (season three mid episode) and I thought it was a normal beauty pageant show...

I'm up to date and using --no-stop-slow-scripts and javescript_delay and my javascript is imported correctly. One the ajax calls: $('#custom_waste').html('Loading General Waste tables...') $.ajax(); The request for the Ajax call will never resolve because it has to go through Rails (routes) to be served, and the pdf request will never finish because wkhtmltopdf is waiting for the pdf to finish...

If I check the logs however there are no calls being made and the AJAX request never finishes. This causes a deadlock because in dev mode, by default, Rails (with Webrick, anyway) will only serve 1 request at a time, and it can't switch to serving your Ajax request until it's done serving your PDF request, which it can't do because it's waiting for your Ajax request.