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24 Apr

” Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally ruling these conversational starters out, but the thing is, to most ladies, it doesn’t just hold weight!

Tell you what, more and more people are meeting their friends, partners, and spouses on the Internet, and here’s the thing: it’s awkward for everyone! She will be forced to respond with a, “Sorry, wrong contact!

There is currently no evidence that the data exposure had been caused by an outside party.

So you’re trying to know someone on a dating site or other online platforms and this just happens to be your first time; things can get a little messy with trying to know a person you aren’t speaking with face-to-face.

The user who hadn't used the site for years and were no longer paying for services was surprised at being sent unsolicited explicit emails.

"I'm still pretty miffed that I'll probably forever receive spam from this," they said.