Server 2016 reverse dns not updating

10 Dec

This is a step by step howto guide to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system.

It is easy to follow, but you end up with a powerful secure mail server.

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The Client Access server role is configured with a receive connector called “Default Frontend SERVERNAME” that is intended to be the internet-facing receive connector, so is already set up to receive SMTP connections from unauthenticated sources and allow them to send email to internal recipients.The other services listen on a variety of other ports (for example TCP 2525 for the Transport service).For both internal and external SMTP relay scenarios the Frontend Transport service will be handling the connections.This matrix provides a visual aid to when and how often some of the various Lync components are updated as cumulative releases will typically not refresh every single server component.The official package version numbers will always be in the format of 5.0.8308but the 5.0 has been truncated fro the following table for spacing purposes.