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28 Feb

Most Jewish Wedding Traditions are consistent among the denominations.

Jews, to all effects and purposes, were lower-class citizens. According to local tradition, there is a claim that the Bukharian Jews are part of the ten exiled tribes, specifically Naftali and Yissachar.Others claim that more than1,900 years ago, in the days of a cruel Persian monarch, some Jews from Bavel fleeing Persian persecution went north, reaching, and then settling in At this time, many degrading and restrictive decrees were enacted against the Jews.Within the world's Jewish population, which is considered a single self-identifying ethnicity, there are distinct divisions, most of which are primarily the result of geographic branching from an originating Israelite population, and subsequent independent evolutions.Jewish people divide themselves into Askhenazi Jews (descended from Eastern European Jews), African Jews (Ethiopian, Nigerian, Ugandan Jews, also not of the aforemention major ethnic backgrounds) Sephardic Jews from Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Indian, Bukharan, Persian, Iraqi, Yemenite Jew, and Mizrahi (Eastern or Middle Eastern Jews [not of Spanish/Portuguese or Sephardic origin]).