Pitchfork spotify app not updating

19 Feb

I use Sound Cloud to see mostly up-and-coming artists and to also see what the famous and big artists are listening to.

This morning, just like every Monday morning, 75 million Spotify users received a great new mixtape: 30 songs that feel like a gift from a music-loving friend, who might once have made a cassette tape with your name scrawled across the front.

This way Spotify can concentrate on what they do best – delivering the music – while benefiting from the vast community of external developers.

As Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently said: So here are ten “complaints” I’ve seen from new users of Spotify who are more used to services that try to provide everything but the kitchen sink.

That’s potentially a big advantage over competitors like Pandora, Google, and Apple, which largely have the same bottomless catalog of music but take very different approaches to picking the best songs for each user. Since the service quietly launched in June, songs from its playlists have been streamed 1.7 billion times, according to the company.

When a technical hiccup delayed the release of new tracks one Monday in September, many were distraught.

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(I don't listen to Pandora, which might make that happen.) I like it when Sound Cloud drops into autoplay mode and delivers a sequence of songs tagged as related. I'm happy to learn what Spotify Discover thinks I want to hear. None of this makes the same impression on me as someone I know recommending a record. My main source for new music is a close friend, a photographer from Serbia.

But these playlists, from Spotify’s Discover Weekly service, were cooked up by an algorithm.

Automated music recommendations are hardly new, but Spotify seems to have identified the ingredients of a personalized playlist that feel fresh and familiar at the same time.

Godrich took to Twitter to explain why Atoms For Peace, Ultraísta, and Yorke’s solo album “The Eraser” would no longer be available.

This Storify thread condenses tweets from both Godrich and Yorke, who was less vocal, into an adequate summary.