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12 Oct

This uses the Internet Address class which has most of the RFC mail address checks implmented. * * @author Roedy Green, Canadian Mind Products * @version 1.0 to do: check validity of & in first part of email address. Generic Url(" //invalid URL assert Generic Credit Card("4111111111111111") // valid visa card number assert !Generic Credit Card("4111111111111112") // invalid visa card number assert Generic Date("2011-12-30", "yyyy-MM-dd", true) // valid date(last argument for checking strict) assert Generic Date("2011-02-28", "yyyy-MM-dd", true) // valid date - 28th Feb assert !

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Sun added support for regular expression in Java 1.4 by introducing regex package.

So Iterator can be useful if you want to manipulate the list and Enumeration is for read-only access.

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Generic Validator assert Generic Email("[email protected]") //valid email assert !

Generic Email("") // invalid email assert Generic Url(" //valid URL assert !