Dealing dating rejection

22 Dec

Please contemplate the following commonsense points:2. Try to keep more than ‘one set of eyes’ on you as you navigate the dating trenches.

If you are remotely like I was post-divorce, some part of you consciously or unconsciously gages your value through the eyes of a man.

In other words, if a man sees you as funny and engaging, you’ll think you’re funny and engaging.

If he thinks you’re physically unattractive and a bore, you’ll find yourself feeling insecure.

The more consumed they are by rejection, the less control they have over their emotions, logical thought and sometimes even actions.

Middle School: The Inside Story will let you in on what tweens say when parents aren’t around.

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Or maybe he was big enough to come right out tell you, “Sorry, but I’m only interested in you as a friend.” Rejection when dating is hard to handle! Suddenly you want to disappear from the dating scene altogether, imagining yourself alone and unloved at age eighty.

Not long ago, I sat at my daughter's bedside and brushed her hair away from her stream of tears.

The boy who'd promised to take her to prom posted a picture on Instagram of him standing in a circle of candles and roses. " It was obvious that the beaming girl by his side had said yes. Now she had a broken heart, a hemmed prom dress that the store refused to take back and a mind full of hurtful things he'd said to her at school that day. And every time it visits one of my kids, it's worse than awful.

You're all having a good time, chatting and having a couple of drinks, when you see a beautiful stranger at the other side of the room.

You decide to come up to him or her and start a conversation. Feeling rejected, you walk back over to your group of friends and spend the rest of the evening dwelling on how rejected you now feel.