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18 Jul

I moved back my lunch hour and did not answer the telephone between two and three o’clock.I had my machine set so that recorded automatically anyway.

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Today's Birthdays: Lee Majors (ex-Ken, Dallas) - 78 Blair Brown (ex-Nina, Fringe) - 71 Paulette Breen (ex-Claudette, All My Children) - 70 Craig Sheffer (ex-Ian, One Life to Live) - 57 (ex-Eleni, Guiding Light) - 50 Daphne Bloomer (ex-Colleen, The Bay; ex-Marty, General Hospital; ex-Eugenia, Days of our Lives) - 44 Barry Watson (ex-Randy, Days of our Lives; ex-Matt, 7th Heaven) - 43 Terri Simmons (ex-Parker, Pretty) John Cena (WWE) - 40 Jaime King (ex-Lemon, Hart of Dixie) - 38 Aaron Hill (ex-Beaver, Greek) - 34 (ex-Will, As the World Turns; ex-Max, Guiding Light) - 33 Molly Burnett (ex-Melanie, Days of our Lives; Lisa, Empire; Sarah, Venice) - 30 EDITOR'S NOTE: If you would like to submit a soap history entry for this date or a future date, email [email protected]

I said I wanted it in order to follow the presidential election, but it was really so I could view entire episodes of impetuous Luke was also running for office, but, desperate, he stuffed the student-government ballot boxes.

Honest Noah betrayed his boyfriend to the dean and moved out on him for the second time.

These varying povs are based (or should be based) on the storyline. 5: Jake Silbermann - As the World Turns Smoking hot chemistry with a screen partner and instant popularity has helped many a soap actor achieve star status, even in lieu of acting ability.

Until 2008, As The World Turn's Jake Silbermann (Noah) fit into this category.