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10 Apr

The three main components to a server's overall costs are: - Cost of hardware- Cost of server operating system and applications- Cost to administer The tasks your business will need your server to perform as well as the number of users it's expected to serve will largely determine your server's hardware costs.While servers are almost always more expensive than their desktop counterparts, those on a tight budget can find low-cost server options that handle many if not all of the tasks your business will likely need from a server.Slightly different to what I was needing, but this was a perfect solution to a problem I was having which was multiple rows with an XML column - I wanted to loop through rows and pull out the data fields from within the XML column and put them in an insert statement.So 5 rows, each for 3 columns of data in the XML field = 15 inserts, perfect.Adult XXXDate is the latest and greatest addition to the online adult dating arena.It benefits from an enormous database of over 70 million members, making it one of the largest in the industry.Welcome to our reviews of the Best Adult Dating Sites of 2017 (also known as Sex Dating Sites).

Your code doesn't translate to that scenario without a lot of modifications.

This post was helpful to solve my problem which has a little different XML format...

my XML contains a list of keys like the following example and I store the XML in the Source Keys column in a table named Delete Batch: ' DECLARE @xml xml SELECT @xml = CAST(CAST(@str AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS XML) -- Iterate through each of the "users\user" records in our XML SELECT x.

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