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28 Aug

The Big Bang rapper revealed (via allkpop): “I like to drink, but I like women who don’t drink. I like speaking formally to her and not becoming too close.” Okay.

P's first court hearing for his marijuana usage by Head Judge Kim Ji Chul on AM KST on June 29. do they seriously have nothing better to be concerned about in the courts? Why would they not be concerned if a high profile person who is supposed to be a good model citizen breaks the law.

He said, "I've dated two and had a 'some' with one person." T. P explained, "Since I was 19, I've dated exactly three people. It's pointless to get so messed up you can't remember what you did. Because he said she wasn't a gf but a some it was probably friends with benefits I think he's really insecure.

Or, you know, you could just not drink to the blackout point. Depending on who is using the term it can be two people that are not quite at the stage to call each other bf/gf but are basically dating, another definition is friends with benefits, and a third definition is two people who are dating but don't claim it for various reasons.

My unstable mind state and thoughts made me act wrongly. The prosecutors are seeking 2 years of probation and 10 months of prison time if he breaks probational period. I will *guess* that TOP ended his personal relationship with this TRAINEE because he *knew* of his upcoming planned CONSCRIPTED POLICE entry ; for S. TOP probably figured that SMOKING MARIJUANA was *not* such a 'good idea' to have that 'baggage' hanging around him during that S. Which, it (MARIJUANA usage) did 'come out' anyway ; obviously. Stop using the whole "it's legal in some places" excuse as if it means shit in this situation, thanks. She got the same sentence as TOP but with rehab added on to hers.

Also, it gave TOP a *good excuse* to 'dump' the TRAINEE ; his pending S. I am *less* clear that TOP made some 'grand decision' to 'walk the straight and narrow' as a 'reborn man' of 'no alcohol and illegal drugs.' BUT, TOP's Fans can believe whatever they choose. I don't remember but what happened to GD's case with weed?