Updating apt

09 Apr

Updating paper charts is a simple matter of consulting the updates given in a relevant Notice to Mariners and transferring these via a trusty purple pen to the chart: David Rainsbury wrote about how to update your paper charts in PBO September 2014.That’s all very well, but few people go to sea these days without electronic charts on board.Debian's Synaptic or Mandriva's Drakrpm), these types of programs are generally just graphical front-ends to the low-level utilities that manage the tasks associated with installing packages on a Linux system.And even though many desktop Linux users feel much more comfortable installing packages through these intuitive graphical tools, there is no denying that command-line package management offers two excellent features not available in any graphical package management utility: power and speed.

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However, you can switch to another supported major release series at any time by reconfiguring the configuration package you have installed. You can use the same method to change the version for any other My SQL component you want to install with the My SQL APT repository.

You can use APT to install individual components of My SQL from the My SQL APT repository.

The first table lists package management tasks in the four most popular distribution groups - Debian (including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Zorin OS and other Debian derivatives), open SUSE, Fedora (including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS, Scientific Linux and other Fedora-based distributions), and Mageia and Open Mandriva.

In Fedora-based distribution the yum package manager is set to be replaced with dnf at some point in 2015 (starting with Fedora 22), but it looks like most of the dnf package management commands will remain mostly identical to the yum commands (the exceptions being "localinstall" which is not yet implemented in dnf, and "update" which has been deprecated in favour of "upgrade").