Michael jackson on the dating game show 1972 rare dating the enemy soundtrack

30 Aug

“I was 11, so it didn’t make its way to Michael.” Kevin, 58, was close in age to the late King of Pop, who died in 2009, at the age of 50, and he was a big fan of Michael’s more sentimental songs growing up, including his first solo number one, 1972’s Ben, from the film of the same name. I mean, I remember always being heartbroken from the time I was little…,” he laughed.

“Being in love with the girl in school, the teacher, the girl next door, (I Dream of Jeannie’s) Barbara Eaton in a bottle…

MICHAEL JACKSON SECRET TAPES This is a great DVD with the following RARE footage and Interviews of Michael Jackson.

I’m posting it just for fun and it is not to be used as a scientific measure of Michael’s personality.

Then I remembered that I needed to get a long, half slip for a dress that I bought for spring.

The weather here is finally warming up and I wanted to wear it to work tomorrow. (I wonder if they will give me some type of discount to use for next time in exchange for this free advertisement?

Have you ever felt like Michael follows you around because something related to him always happens to you? My sons thought I was nuts when I first told them about my experience years ago until they started to see it for themselves.

Then it started happening to them and now they claim that I have jinxed them!