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29 Jan

I’ve always thought that Fergie was staring out through cold, Crystal Meth eyes.

And told roughly everyone I knew that I would be interviewing Fergie. Most of the people I told found it very exciting for one reason or another. I was in to doing it, sure, but I wasn’t amped because it was Fergie. And the girls wanted to know if I could get the phone number of her – apparently hot – fiancé. Enough to get a beer after paying for the parking ticket I received for Posted in Blog, Miscellany and tagged with 2008, Backstage Pass, Fergie, Freelance Journalism, Interview, Interviewing, My Date With Fergie: The Time I Was Summoned to Interview The Duchess, pop star, Sting, The Cake Tin, The Duchess, The Police, Wellington Stadium.

Josh Duhamel wheels his luggage inside LAX Airport on Friday (April 1) in Los Angeles. News about the importance of getting in date nights with Fergie.

The best award is seeing 20,000 people at our concerts signing our songs. I got off the phone fresh from agreeing to do the interview. But all the guys were very excited to hear that I was meeting Ms Fergalicious. About three months on from writing about meeting the pop star in the dressing room in the concrete tower, after querying twice, I was paid for the story. You hardly ever get to talk to someone you would really like to. Turns out I was going to the gig anyway (this being when, somewhat incongruously Fergie was the opening act for The Police). When it comes from a publicist you are in (financial) trouble. She wasn’t well received and she was a poor choice as an opening act – but she did her best, working hard, perhaps trying a little too hard with a misguided medley of classic rock songs in attempts to appeal to fans of The Police. You see, I had delivered two 75-word book reviews the previous Christmas when asked.Country trio The Band Perry canceled a concert in Delaware over alleged death threats from two men inside the Americana Bayside Welcome Center venue. F.$." The 41-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer recruited fellow "Moms I'd Like to Follow" like Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Alessandra Ambrosio and Kim Kardashian (no Photoshop) to show off their curves while bathing in milk (or breastfeeding, per John Legend's model wife)."If I Die Young" singer Kimberly Perry and her brothers Reid and Neil were reportedly inside when security and police decided to postpone the show, 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start. Fergie's comeback is official with the racy music video for her new song "M. Fergie, who has a 2-year-old son with husband Josh Duhamel, is expected to release her second solo album "Double Dutchess" this year.