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20 Apr

I don't have a "submissive" personality and don't care for authority at all actually, that submissive thing just confuses me.The term 'switch' fits cause sure it's great fun to be the tier upper 'dom' and show my partner a good time but I don't fantasize at all about doing it, being tied myself and messed with by a woman is the hottest thing I can think of.

Has anyone had any luck on these BDSM dating sites ?

I signed up for a free membership on one of them awile back and it seemed like it was mostly men and was way to extreme for me.

I guess I would say I'm a rather vanilla BDSM enthusiast, I like being helplessly bound with light chain like the kind used on dog leashes and little padlocks spread eagle on the bed or other comfortable positions and to mix sex play and the whole whole master/ slave, prisoner / keeper dynamic that naturally goes with the whole thing.

After five years of teaching in New Zealand he was sent to Chanel College, Moamoa, Samoa, in 1966 as a teacher and spiritual director.

After another period teaching and studying in New Zealand, he returned, in 1975, to Chanel College as Rector and remained there until 1982.